Weird Al’s Belvedere


Weird Al performing a part of Belvedere Crusin’ in “Behind The Dementia” made for Alcon 2000.

Here are the full lyrics:

Now, you won`t find me braggin`
`Bout my big green station wagon
Or tellin` `bout the traffic laws I`m breakin`
Everybody knows that I wouldn`t dare
Match my wits with a red Corvair
And just the thought of a Pinto leaves me shakin`

Now, I don`t think that I could hack
Drivin` a big white Cadillac
With ripped up upholstery and unnecessary frills
No, I don`t think that I could bear
Drivin` somethin` other than a Belvedere
In a Belvedere I can really get my thrills

Goin` Belvedere cruisin` tonight
Just watch me pass that Porsche on the right
I can take you anywhere
In my 1964 Belvedere
Goin` Belvedere cruisin` tonight

I don`t think that I could cruise
In one of those small VW`s
Or zip along the highway in a classy pickup truck
There`s somethin` `bout a Comet
That makes me wanna vomit
And those Datsuns just ain`t worth a Fudgesicle, no

Goin` Belvedere cruisin` tonight
You got nothin` to lose but your life
It can take away your blues
All you`ve gotta do is cruise
In my big black Plymouth Belvedere tonight

With red upholstery
Goin` Belvedere cruisin` tonight, yes indeed
Woo, goin` Belvedere cruisin` tonight
Yeah, goin` Belvedere cruisin` tonight

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