There are lots of web sites about cars on the web. Here are a few you may want to check out. Most of them have something to do with MoPars. We love MoPars or no cars here!


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1955 to 1961 Mopar Source (Forward Look Network) Visit

1962 to 1965 Mopar WebsiteVisit

1978 to 1979 Dodge Magnum Enthusiasts Visit

Aero WarriorsVisit

AllPar/Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Central Visit

Challenger Talk – Visit

Chryser Air Raid SirenVisit

Chrysler Early Hemi EnginesVisit

Chrysler PT Cruiser EnthusiastsVisit

Crankshaft Coalition – Chrysler Hemi EngineVisit

Crankshaft Coalition – Rebuilding an Early Hemi EngineVisit


Cuda World – Visit

Dodge – Visit

Dodge Magnum Forums (

Dodge Vipers GTR & GTSVisit

For A-Bodies OnlyVisit

For B-Bodies OnlyVisit

For E-Bodies OnlyVisit

Forgotten Mopars – Visit :: Official HEMI Web site of DaimlerChrysler Visit

Keith Black HemiVisit

Mo-Pod – Visit

Mopar Performance – Visit

Mopar StyleVisit

Moparts – Visit


New Charger & Magnum ForumsVisit

Paddock Parts – Visit

Ray Barton Racing EnginesVisit



Roseville Parts -Visit

Summit Racing – Visit

The Auto Review (Automotive History Books) Visit

The Chrysler Crew (Chrysler Boats and Outboards) Visit

Year One – Visit


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